Greener Waldringfield

Greener Waldringfield is a resource for local wildlife, gardening and other groups and individuals who share an interest in the environment and sustainability



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Waldringfield Wildlife Group exists

to conserve, enhance and record the local wildlife; to protect wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity; to encourage wildlife-friendly management of land, gardens and public spaces and to encourage a greater interest in the knowledge and love of wildlife in general

WCC aims to increase home and local composting; to readjust the perception of kitchen and garden waste from problem to resource;

to increase community resilience


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'Every good deed we do for nature affects the entirety of the natural world.'

An article about Betsy's War on Waste has inspired readers as far away

as Chicago and Malaysia. Read it here.






The Church Field  was given to the village in 2003, for recreation and  the encoragement of wildlife

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Waldringfield Gardeners is for everyone who grows for pleasure or production to share their enthusiasm and expertise