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By Libby, Sep 13 2017 12:57PM

Before the lengthy thoughts below – please let us know if you would like another talk from Prof John Midwinter: we meet Thursday 14th and would like to discuss it then.

Al Gore’s latest film shows a lot of him!

Perhaps I need to remember that it is made for an American audience and directly a follow on to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – so it up-fronts the admirable consistency of his life and his determined use of his time, money and status to continue to fore-front the increasingly present dangers of climate change, and his enlistment and training of activists.

While having too much of him, there was also much footage of climate disruption around the world which built to a convincing picture of evolving disaster. The presented solutions were all about big politics – how he broke the dead-lock at the Paris COP by brokering a deal to get solar energy cheap for India – and the technical provision of cheap energy.

There was nothing about demand management of energy or about population or consumption limitation - changes in our behaviour and habits, though these might result from the detailed plans that individual countries have.

Meanwhile, the Soil Association has brought out a special edition of Mother Earth – their original publication now superseded by Living Earth. It features a number of prescient articles from founder members from the nineteen forties to seventies like Lady Eve Balfour (I have an original copy of her The Living Soil, if any wants to lay reverent eyes on it!) each with a comment by a current activist. Just one quote, from Michael Allaby from an article for the 1970 Mother Earth:

“Environmental protest is unlike any other in that here direct action can mean direct remedial action, rather than simple obstruction or dissociation”.

So faced with the inevitable evidence of Climate Change – so cogently presented in Al Gore’s film, better still in The Guardian’s Bill Mc Gibben article and for us directly here by two talks in the winter by Prof John Midwinter, what is it likely to mean locally and what can we do locally as a community to mitigate it?

Betsy Reid

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