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By Libby, Nov 21 2018 02:16PM

Following Suffolk County Council's announcement of drastic potential cuts for February next year, Libby wrote in to the EADT.

Read her letter here, and the reponse from fellow GW member Neil Winship below.

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Good to see Libby's letter 'Cuts Hit Most Vulnerable in our Community' on behalf Suffolk Coastal Green Party published in today's EADT.

Her nine suggestions seem likely to appeal to some voters but naturally not to all in our free society. There are, as ever, other views probably meriting discussion before setting priorities.

Then there are the pros & cons for increasing domestic and business rates above or only at the rate of inflation, especially as SCC was chosen to receive some 75% of business rates vice the old rate support grant from central government. That 2018 change has stimulated our County & district councils to try to stimulate economic growth in order to boost those business rates so the austerity cuts can be reduced, but one downside will be increased road traffic.

Mmm! More congestion and air pollution especially in Ipswich.

Furthermore with extremely high probability (>95%) that the Globally Averaged temperature rise since the industrial revolution will exceed 1.5 C and very probably (>90%) exceed 2 Celsius, - would you bet on a horse if offered those odds? - which will inevitably have major impacts on even 'safe and comfortable' Waldringfield and Suffolk. So just six rhetorical questions:

Can we all think for just 5 seconds before every journey, 'could I reasonably get there and back by walking, cycling or using a bus? After all leaving the car behind will benefit my own health, community well-being AND save the Country Council costs

Might we third agers help 2nd agers to afford 1st agers participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Scheme? Are there any youngsters in Waldringfield needing support?

Should those of us employing the C4 team of cleaners, cooks & carers on whose companionship we count, offer a bonus?

Do we really need street lights when LED torches are so effective, convenient & cheap, and light pollution is 'stealing' the night sky from those gazing up in wonder on a dark night?

If there were a shuttle minibus providing frequent connections to the main-buses nodes at Tesco and BT, would we seriously consider using them in lieu of our cars?

Does Waldringfield really need grit-salt bins when almost none was used during the 'Beast from the East; snow last Winter?

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