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News from the Church Field Trust

Latest News


The AGM  was enjoyable with lots of mulled wine and numerous mince pies.


Your village representative Trust members are now Helga Balham,

Betsy Reid and Christine Fisher Kay.

The parish councillors are Janet Elliott and Serena Gold, and Rosa Waller kindly agreed to be minutes secretary.


We thanked all those who have helped by volunteering their labour through the year one way or another.


On 2nd February the work party involving members of the AONB volunteers was successful in clearing a large amount of evergreen honeysuckle from the hedge where it was swamping the hazels, blackthorns, dog roses and everything else - this will have to be kept at bay in future.


Several other tasks were completed and a good time was had by all on a very pleasant bright day.


Now that the skylarks nesting season is beginning it would be nice if people kept to the required behaviour of keeping dogs on leads as over 82 dogs visit the field regularly (information from the Parish Plan survey).


Also, obviously, clean up after the dogs and make use of the dog bin. It is not sufficient to 'kick it into the long grass' - it should be a place safe for children to play and explore in.


As we are maintaining a low input grassland the effect of all that unwanted fertiliser on the field would be quite significantly detrimental.

On a brighter note, a song thrush is singing up there regularly and the gorse is flowering brilliantly at the moment so do get up there and enjoy it.


Christine Fisher Kay, February 2016

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