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Climate Change Responses

Following the talk by Professor John Midwinter at Waldringfield Village Hall, Greener Waldringfield are inviting personal reponses to climate change: fears, hopes and ideas for action. Please join in the discussion....

"Professor John Midwinter’s 2nd Climate Change lecture, ‘Global Challenges & Imperatives for Human Society!’  focussed on Britons’ need to change from profligate use of energy - primarily to heat our homes and water – and on some ways to do so.   While wealthy societies like ours need to be warned again and again of the painful and inconvenient truths about our contributions to Climate Change, I believe it is vital to have HOPE.  


Not hope to engender complacency, but hope that our human efforts - individually, communally, nationally and internationally - to mitigate and alleviate global warming are truly worthwhile.   Recent terrorist acts and that horrendous fire caused much suffering, but also brought forth superb acts of kindness that surely give hope for a better society locally and globally.   Similarly human perseverance in reducing our own and our UK economy’s carbon footprints, while also collaborating as per the Paris Accord and investing in other nations’ carbon reduction activities, justifies hope." Neil Winship   




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