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Waldringfield Community Composting

What is community composting?

A community dealing with all its own garden  and food waste  leading to less reliance on the brown bin collection service and retention of all organic matter in local soils.


This approach is at the ‘most desirable’ level on the waste management pyramid and has the least negative impact on the environment.


Watch Waldringfield Community Composting members explain how HotBins work here.

In November 2012, Waldringfield launched Suffolk’s first garden and food waste home composting community, in association with HotBin Composting. Take a look here!

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HotBin in action...

..and the finished product

DSC_1435 Hug a bin Film crew at school

..more photos from the 2013 Community & Energy Day..


WCC received a Big Lottery grant in 2012  with which we have so far supplied 30 Waldringfield households with Hotbins (several used by more than one household) subsidised even more heavily than Suffolk County Council does.  


We have also supplied some households with bokashi bins and wormeries.  


We provide buddying and on-going support with all composting glitches.


Some of these are used communally – two or three households contributing their compost caddies to a fanatic with two hotbins!  (Occasional buckets of compost in return!)

WCC is a sub-group of Waldringfield Gardeners, which also owns the apple pressing equipment which the children use every year, and initiated and runs the Waldringfield, Newbourne and Hemley Scattered Orchard – the children at Waldringfield School helped plant the espalier trees in Village Way and contribute to their regular maintenance.