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Action on Plastic


We all see plastic bags and similar waste much more than we would like on the road side verges – and suffer from packaging rage at home trying to get into excessively wrapped goods.


Transition Woodbridge recently hosted two showings of the film ‘Bag It’ – you can watch it at home on YouTube – and, following considerable interest, a much bigger meeting than they anticipated in Woodbridge Library on 17th November.  


This was to try to think of what we might do locally. We came up with the idea to devote a meeting of the Greenprint Forum (the conduit for popular concerns to the SCDC and Waveney Councils) to the subject, with an expert speaker. We also shared  what we can all do in our own lives.  


For example, Deborah Wargate (the Council’s Sustainability Officer, who heads the Greenprint Forum) had been putting herself through a ‘(nearly) No-Plastic November.' On the internet she found 48 rolls of toilet paper, each individually wrapped in paper, but not sub-packetted into lots of six each wrapped in plastic, which is the only way you can bulk-buy locally.  


More expensive? Yes. But for her and maybe for others, a justifiable way of voluntarily reducing her use of single use plastic film. There were many other examples.
















That same day Philip Hammond announced a likely tax on plastic packaging – or at least a consultation – which we know may take a long time. Meanwhile, we need popular pressure (signing online petitions, writing to CEOs and MPs etc) but, above all, being part of the change we wish to see by changing our own habits,  and sharing with each other for comfort and support, and with retailers and maunufacturers,  so we use the biggest political power we now seem to have - which is how we spend our money - to hasten that chance.


The evidence for the damage that escaped plastic does in the general and marine environments is incontrovertible and well-known, but here are some references if you want anything more.


Please join us on the Greener Waldringfield Facebook page to add your comments and suggestions.

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Transition Woodbridge have created a fantastic Powerpoint presentation, with lots of info and tips...


Download it here 

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