Greener Waldringfield

Greener Waldringfield is a resource for local wildlife, gardening and other groups

and individuals who share an interest in the environment and sustainability


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Projects and Campaigns

As well as our regular groups, Greener Waldringfield members are involved in various other ongoing and one-off projects.


If you'd like to hear about what else we've been up to, get involved with a project, or suggest one of your own, please get in touch!


If, like us, you've been motivated to look at your pastic habits by Blue Planet, take a look at what we've been doing. Greener Waldringfield have also signed up as Plastic Action Champions



Waldringfield is fortunate to connect to the Quiet Lanes network. As well as discussing electric car shares, and organising a bike maintenance and safety workshop, members have also set up a lift sharing group. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more


Six-week project

Prompted by the IPCC report, we studied different aspects of climate breakdown over six weeks


Peace and Remembrance Day

Bruce Kent was one of the guest speakers at our Peace and Remebrance Day in November 2018